…a packrafting journey into the heart of Sierra Leone and Liberia's Peace Park…supported by the RGS Journey of a Lifetime grant

The Charity

Peacetime Sierra Leone remains one of the world’s poorest countries. Many children have lost contact with their families as a result of the civil war and today over 50,000 children are reliant on the street with almost 3,000 sleeping rough in appalling and extremely dangerous conditions.

Street Child aims to reunite these children with their families and get them back in full-time education through a process of counseling and providing occasional food, clothing, medical care and a safe place to visit away from the streets. They also work closely with the community, employing and training local people to create the best possible environment into which the child can be reintroduced. Alongside reunification, Street Child funds all school materials and educational costs for each child as well as arranging remedial school courses to ensure that they are fully prepared for their first year back at school.

For everyone who donates £5 or more I’ll take a picture of a West African animal for you and then tag you in it on facebook or send it to your mailbox. 

Here’s the Just Giving page: http://www.justgiving.com/downstreamchimp Please just give.
street child


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